Neuro diseases

Evaluate treatment efficacy and improve accordingly

Neuro diseases

Helping people with neurological diseases to a better quality of life

More than 1 bn people live with a neurological disease and have severe consecuences for their quality of life and present large economical impact on people and society related to hospitalisations, rehabilitation, home-care and nursing homes. 

Our Focus

Parkison's in europe

20.3 million patients with neurological diseases experience gait difficulties and recurrent falls providing a big market potential for helping a lot of people with neurological diseases. We start with Parkinson’s in Europe, focusing on selected countries.


Improve clinical desicion making with objective data from the patient's home


Save time on evaluating symptoms and progression with AI/ML


Improve dialog with patient and consultation experience with digital diary 

Case Studies

Patients stories

Get insights from people who lives with Parkinson’s and what challenges they face on a daily basis


A woman with Parkison’s

“Two key elements came into play when I invested in ZenzeTech – team and technology trends. I was impressed by the team behind ZenzeTech, they appeared trustworthy, calm, and composed with a good vision. Magdalena and Christian complement each other well; both being calm and Magdalena with a focus on making things work and Christian being more outgoing, it makes sense. It was good for me, with my regulatory background, to see that ZenzeTech was validated by Voisin Consulting Life Science, which substantiated the team further. Data as digital endpoints for therapeutic use is a big trend, and now with ZenzeTech we can see data used for treatment purposes. Using insoles for Parkinson’s Disease is a very interesting approach with a big potential.”

Jesper has 40 years of experience within Life Science, primarily in leadership positions. For 25 years he worked with regulatory affairs, e.g. as Global Head of Regulatory Affairs at LEO Pharma and Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Novo Nordisk. After a career in corporate, Jesper has devoted his time working with Life Science startups – Pharma, Biotech, Medtech and Healthtech – as a mentor, board member and investor.